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Fabolous ft. Thara - Ghetto



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Fabolous ft. Thara - Ghetto
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Текст песни "Fabolous ft. Thara - Ghetto"

[Intro - Fabolous] From hood to hood they see what's hood And know who I be! uh! [Verse - Fabolous] I got the Yankee leaning, just sittin over to browse And the G4 is just getting over the clouds You can't tell me that I ain't what's up right now I got a bottle of Tequila upside down There's some chicks wit boyfriends that are up tight now Cause they know the big 'dog' had a 'pups' like wow I'm stuck in my city ways Heading over seas wit a zip of New York City's haze You rats can keep running through your city's maze Until you get sprayed with the pesticide I know you in that hole, you best to hide Like the rest who tried, who went and testified Of course your girl wanna slide over and be rubbed And don't mind taking rides over the G dubs I ride Rovers on Spre-dubs Please don't be another dude who died over a ski dub, chill [Chorus - Fabolous & (Thara)] From hood to hood they see what's hood and know who I be From block to block they see it, not can't know who I be From state to state they cannot hate, they know who I be From the east to west, through the midwest and downsouth it's Ghetto! (It's Ghetto-oh!) It's Ghetto! (It's Ghetto-oh!) It's Ghetto! (It's Ghetto-oh!) It's Ghetto! (It's Ghetto-ohh!) It's Ghetto! [Verse - Fabolous] I get it jumping like a lo lo '64 And bet they hop on it like a pogo stick pro I'm chilling wit these go go chicks though That do the kind of things that belong in a porno flick yo You know it's him and the gang Wit the bling worked on, that remind you of lemon meringue But remember the thangs, ain't too far And y'all wanna hear em go bang bang bang Like John Witherspoon, I'm watching em closely I know the snakes gon' slither soon The two toned Maybach's getting delivered soon The back feels like sitting in the living room I'm so hard bodied like the suit on Batman It's that man that back to back plat' scan I'm back for the third time, I make words rhyme for a living You probably heard I'm still ghetto, nigga! [Chorus] [Verse - Fabolous] They tried to put two 9's on me, just like Gretzky But my lawyer saw through it just like wet tees I smoke till my eyes look just like Jet Li's On islands where the water's blue just like Pepsi Yeah the trigger just might get squeezed And the slugs will skip over your waves, just like jet skis Hoes know Ghetto from New York, call em the Fresh Prince And throw rose petals when I walk They love how I came back hard like good blow And I'm still a heart throb to a hood ho That's what hood though, yes I would know That's cause I'm in the streets like man hole covers Rims look like blades when a fan blow brother I'm waiting on a storm to land, roast others The man no other, cause I been in it My time is money, y'all couldn't buy ten minutes I'm gone! catch up!
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